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Senin, 24 Februari 2020

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10 Management Models

Télécharger 10 Management Models PDF En Ligne - Fashions in business thinking change abruptly The way we think about leadership for instance has shifted radically from the genius of great entrepreneurs like Rockefeller Carnegie and Ford through leadership as a science leadership that releases human potential the leader as strategist and warrior customer champion globalist and shareholder advocate to more recently leadership as stewardship of the environment Hundreds of models have been developed to track measure and forecast business solutions but as fashions shift how can we apply them in real organizations that have to succeed outside the classroom 10 Management Models is taken from the book 100 Management Models by the same authors

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Le Titre Du Livre10 Management Models
AuteurFons Trompenaars
Livres FormatEbook Kindle
Nombre de pages78 pages
EditeurInfinite Ideas
Nom de fichier10-management-models.pdf

Télécharger 10 Management Models PDF En Ligne
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